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Upvoting and downvoting using. zaps (reddit-style)

  • 27 June 2020
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I want to create an upvoting and downvoting functionality. How can I achieve that using zaps?

This is the workflow I’ve set up right now:

  • Weblow List items → Webflow Update item. 

It works fine but there are some limitations. 

I’m now thinking to integrate a form that allows users to submit an item to my webflow page. Then using te present workflow to let them upvote items posted. Workflow would be as follow:

  • Webflow form → Webflow post CMS Collections item
  • Weblow List items → Webflow Update item. 

This works but isn't quite scalable cause it would result in a very large amount of zaps. 

Is there anyway I can achieve a better and smarter results without having to use so many zaps?

I’m not forced to stay in webflow and I am open to explore different solutions and integrations.


Maybe Airtable base? Or a Trello board with upvoting which zap to Webflow?


I need:

  • A tool to create databases of items.
  • A form submission that allows user to post items. 
  • Upvoting system on these items.
  • A relationship behaviour to link items of different databases together.
  • I will then use something like webflow to build the front-end of all of this.

What is the best integration for Zapier that could allow me to achieve something like this without having to use a humongous amount of zaps?


Thanks a lot :P 



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Hi @LorenzoBellucci - Thanks for sharing this cool idea! Wow, it sounds like you have tons of ideas and goals for this project. We have an awesome catalogue of applications that you could consider for your project here: - We think they’re all great so we simply can’t pick one! if you find a few that you’d like to see if it would work, it’d help us narrow down the possibilities.

Also, please check out our Work Offered area to see if you would like to post this as a possible custom job for Zapier Experts. They’re very eager to help and are certified by Zapier.

Keep us posted!