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  • 1 December 2020
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Dear all,


I always have the same problems - we have many instagram accounts and like to post on each account the same photo.

I always have the same problem: could not upload mediafile equal which size i choose I always have the same trouble.


I checked 1080/1627



And always the same - is there anybody who can help me with this - is there a size which always works ?

Kind regards






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5 replies

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Hi @Marilena Stahl 

Are you getting a specific error message in Zapier? If so, could you show us a screenshot?

Hi Andrew,


thank you so much for your replay - please find attached the error message - I always have the problem with picutre, equal which messures they have- is there a size which always works ?


Thank you in advance for your feedback

Kind regards Marilena


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@Marilena Stahl 

I'm going to flag this post for the Zapier Community Team. They should have more insight on this and can escalate to the support team if needed.

Sit tight, and someone will contact you soon.

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Hi @Marilena Stahl, I’m sorry that you’re having trouble uploading your pictures to Instagram, that sounds frustrating!


It sounds like it’s not the size of the pictures that’s the issue, but the ratio of them. Instagram only accepts aspect ratios between 4:5 and 1.91:1


Could you please double-check the aspect ratio of the images that you’re trying to upload. If they are between the numbers above then please get in touch with our Support Team using the Get Help form. 



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Hi @Marilena Stahl - How did you get on here. Were you able to make any headway with Danvers’ suggestion?