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Updating Salesforce contact record "Log a call"

  • 17 July 2020
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Has anyone had success updating an existing Salesforce contact record’s “Activity” - specifically the “Log a call”?

Here is my use case:

  1. I created a new calendar event in O365 and add the subject “Intake Call” and invite an external attendee
  2. Zapier identifies this new event and triggers a lookup of a Salesforce record based on calendar event’s attendee email address (works!)
  3. Contact record found in Salesforce and adds a call record (no bueno!)


The “Activity” is related to the Lightning object and I am wondering if this is my issue. It appears to be easy to update existing values on the Contact record but I cant seem to add this specific call activity to the contact record. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated!


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5 replies

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@mbernal3 Thanks for reaching out, there are a ton of possibilities with Salesforce, can you be more specific as to what you have tried that isn’t working? Typically in salesforce/Zapier terminology, there is a “Find Record” “Create Record” or “Update Record” and from what I recall there could be 50+ different types of records and that is 100% dependent upon your salesforce account and it’s setup. 


So it seems to me like you are able to find a record for the contact.


But when you try to create a record for the call you’re unable to. So you actually have “Create Record” and “Call” as the selected actions within the action step? A screenshot typically helps so we know exactly where you’re having the problem and can better guide you.

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I did this recently!  The trick is that call logs are consider Tasks in Salesforce.  Here’s how I did it.  My Zapier action was “Create Record in Salesforce”.


Under “Customize Record”, select Task as the Salesforce Object.  For “Name”, I used the id of the salesforce contact who matched the phone number, which somehow magically connected this call record to the lead.



Later down in that form I set these fields:

Hope this helps!

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Hey @PaulKortman - thanks for the quick response.


You are correct finding the record for the contact isn't the issue, its updating “Log a Call” under Activities. Screen shot below. This is a Lightning component which makes it a little more complicated. All other fields (i.e. Name, email, Phone Linkedin Url, etc.) are easily selected and updated.



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Wow it looks like @BretTruchan has the winning plan there… nice and detailed!

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@BretTruchan - This is super helpful and Ill be trying it out this weekend. Ill keep you posted! Have a great weekend and thanks again!