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Updating Multiple Zaps at Once

  • 6 November 2022
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I looked through the community and could not find this topic, and I thought it would be a question that people are asking, especially users with multiple clients. 

The Senario

Let's say I have 100 clients and I set up a zap for each of them (100 Zaps) that triggers an email when a form is filled.  

Now here is where it gets interesting. After I have the 100 individuals Zaps set up, I decide to delay the email by a day after the form is filled. 

It's easy enough to go in and add a delay action to one zap, but adding a delay to 100 zaps would take a while. 

The Question

Is there a way to update multiple Zaps all at once? 





Best answer by Troy Tessalone 7 November 2022, 00:05

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4 replies

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Hi @Jwilson 

Good question.

No, at this time, you’ll have to updated each Zap separately.


Perhaps you should explore how to make your Zaps dynamic so that 1 Zap can handle all your clients instead of 1 Zap per client.

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Hi @Jwilson!

Troy is right that you can’t update multiple Zaps at once, but perhaps we can help you to create a Zap that will work for all your clients, instead of needing a new Zap for each client. If you’d like to give that a go, could you please share the steps in your Zap and explain what it does, and why you currently use a different Zap for each client. 


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I appreciate the help! I'm working on making my Zap more Dynamic. Once I have finished, I will upload a flow chart to see if anyone can see any ways to make it more efficient.

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We’d love that, @Jwilson! Keep us posted on your progress - we’re happy to help. 🙂