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Updating Hubspot With Tracking Link

  • 5 March 2020
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Hi Guys,

I am in need of help to see if it is possible to update a hubspot contacts with their delivery tracking code. Our delivery supplier will send our order reference with the unique tracking code in an excel file. They do not receive any details on the customer who purchased the order, only their unique order reference. How can i get zapier to match our reference which is stored in hubspot with the reference number on the suppliers excel sheet? it seems that zapier needs the customer email from hubspot.

Also to note,that the sheet would be populated in the evening for the next day delivery, so data will not be populating on the fly, how can i get zapier to read data already populated?

Many thanks



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Hi @chrisb

I have a feeling this isn't going to be possible, because as you've pointed out, you'll need customer email to find the record in Hubspot.

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It sounds like you'd need something in the middle that had both the reference number and the email address of the customer on it. For example, a Google Sheet that you could search.

As you're getting the a whole list of orders at once, you'd also need to find a way to process each of those. I think that you could do this by converting the Excel file to a csv and then using the Formatter to convert the file to a Google Sheet, which you might then be able to trigger form, but I'm not 100% sure as the the Google Sheet would might end up being different each time.

In short, this might be possible, but it's v tricky!