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Updating Google Sheet Cell without changing existing text

  • 3 February 2023
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We are using Zapier for Cloud calling service where phone number and date of call get updated in google spread sheet when we receive call on board line.

Problem: When same customer is calling again and we want to update cell partially keeping exisitng notes + new notes but right now existing data is getting deleted and only latest notes are getting updated.

Example of Solution: Existing notes under note column is “customer called on 02 dec 2022”. After Receiving Second Call, Note Column should be updated as “customer called on 3 Feb 2023” | “customer called on 02 feb 2023” |






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3 replies

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@aJAX I’m pretty sure the best way to make this work will be to make some edits to the Google Sheet you’re using. While technically possible to set this up exactly how you asked, that setup will cause issues in the future as the call list gets longer and longer.

Instead, I’d recommend setting up the sheet so each call gets logged in a different row, and then use a dropdown + filter formula to find all the related call info for any customer.


Here’s a sheet with an example of what I mean.


Setting it up like this should be much more scalable, since it will make all notes and customer reference far more readable than if you try to add a growing list of customer records to a single cell.


With that said, if there’s some reason why the info has to be all contained in the same cell, please let me know and we can work through some other options!

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Hi @aJAX 

Good question.

I’d recommend using Airtable instead of GSheets:

Airtable is a relational database, meaning records can be linked together.

You’d have 2 Tables in 1 Base. (Contacts, Logs)

Call Logs can be linked to Contacts.


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Hi @aJAX 🤗, looks like you have two great options for tackling this issue. Let us know if you have any questions on setting up your Google Sheets properly or getting the Airtable Zap together!