Updating Calendly event location link after event creation.

  • 21 April 2023
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Hi Everyone, Okay here we go… 

Current Zap Process in Place: Calendly event is scheduled. This event information goes to Airtable, which shoots the information over to Squadcast and tells Squadcast to create a recording link.This recording link is then updated in the appropriate Airtable field.

Need: Send that Squadcast link from Airtable to Calendly to update the event location of that meeting.

Is this possible with webhooks? It looks like theres nothing pre-made to accomplish any tasks back to Calendly.


Or is this not possible? :D All suggestions welcome!

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2 replies

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Hi @LR1 

Welcome to the Community! Thanks for your interest in Zapier.

I’ve not tried SquadCast before, but you can try using Webhooks or adding Airtable and Calendly to your Zap to see if it can achieve your workflow.

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I do not believe Calendly offers a way to automatically update existing events, unfortunately. Just checked out their API documentation at

As an alternative, could you sync your Calendly events to Google Calendar or similar? You can definitely update the location there and then use Zapier to send out meeting reminders to attendees similarly to how you would use a Calendly workflow.