Updating 1 field with multiple answers- SurveyMonkey/Airtable

  • 27 February 2023
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I am making a Zap that will create a record in Airtable when a new response in SurveyMonkey is received.


Within my survey, I have 5 multiple choice questions with logic that will make the user reply to only one of them (as in: 1 will be answered, 4 will be left unanswered). I want whichever question was answered (different for each user) to update only 1 field in Airtable. Is there a way to set up my Zap that it will grab the answer from that question but not the others into that 1 specific Airtable field, or do i have to make a dedicated field for each question?

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1 reply

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Good question.

Try mapping all 5 dynamic variables from SurveyMonkey to the desired Airtable field.

If you configured your SurveyMonkey logic correctly, then only 1 of the 5 should contain data, and thus only the desired value will be mapped to the field.