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  • 8 January 2021
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I have 8 Zaps using the “Zoho Recruit (1.17.0)” as a trigger app.

It's been deprecated.


  1. What is the replacement trigger?
  1. If I remove or replace the trigger, all the variables in the following actions may all be undefined. Since it’s the first action, the trigger, I would have to completely rebuild the Zap. What is the best way to replace a trigger app without needing to assign all the variables in the following actions again, and need to rebuild the entire integration?

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4 replies

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  1. The newest version of the Zoho Recruit Zap app is simply “Zoho Recruit”:
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  1. You should be able to just update the trigger step and since it’s the same app (Zoho Recruit) the data points from the trigger step should be the same, and thus should still map to the action steps in the Zap.

TIP: Clone and test on 1 Zap to confirm, then repeat for the other Zaps that need to be updated.

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Hi @thm22!

I wanted to reiterate what Troy mentioned, about copying a Zap to test on and once you’re certain that things are working you’re expecting, then update your Zaps.

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Thanks. I tried that and some of the fields seem to still be there. Others have a placeholder. It's hard to tell which ones are correct and if any of them have changed when there are many fields in the Zap and then new test data may not be the same (different record). Is there an easy way to print or save documentation or a definition of a Zap? So it can be used to go through and check each field assignment within the new version?