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Updated deal in Pipedrive should check and update google sheets rows

  • 3 August 2022
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Hi all, 

We have a Google Sheet with multiple rows and new rows are added each time a new deal is processed. 

I want to update a Google Sheet row when a deal is not new, but updated on ‘Status’ or on ‘Value’ in Pipedrive. Therefore it is not the same row each time, but it can be row 1 today, row 485 tomorrow and row 2932 the day after.

Organisation, Source & Owner remains untouched and unchanged as values. I don’t understand the logic on how to get this in a zap. I tried working with lookup, but really don’t understand how to lookup up the correct row and then to update the correct row. 

So for example status deal is open, we have won the deal so change the status to won. Value was changed from 1k to 2k. Both I want to update at the right row. 

Thanks for your help. 



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 3 August 2022, 16:11

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2 replies

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Hi @Dotlab 

Good question.

If you have the Deal ID in the GSheet as a column, then you can use these Zap action steps…

Action: GSheets - Lookup Row

Action: GSheets - Update Row ( Map the row ID from the previous step using the ‘custom’ option)


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Hey @Dotlab! Troy is correct in that you would need to first lookup the row and then update it so the update happens dynamically. How are you doing here? Were you able to get this set up? Let us know - we want to make sure you’re all set!