Updated Contact to Google Contacts: Error Parsing Response

  • 22 December 2020
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I am setting up a simple Zap to update contacts from Active Campaign to Google. When I run a test I receive the following: ‘Error parsing response. We got: "<!DOCTYPE html>’


When I look in the details, it says:

<html lang=en>

<meta charset=utf-8>

<meta name=viewport content="initial-scale=1"

Neither the error nor the details help me solve the problem.

Unsure what this means or how to fix it.

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4 replies

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Hey @lugandcarrie ,

can you please check if both these apps (active campaign and google contacts) are properly connected to Zapier, please? Also, do you get a certain error number (e.g. 404, etc.)?


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Hey @lugandcarrie! Do you still need help with this?

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I have the same error. In my case both apps are connected (another Zap works allready both ways). No error number, just an HTML page with ‘help’ from Google.

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@andywingrave I still need help with this exact same problem with trying to create a zap to get it so that any updated First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone fields in Active Campaign will trigger an updated First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone fields in Google Contacts. 


I’ve tried setting the Zap steps up where Step 1 is Active Campaign Updated Contact, then Step 2 is Google Contacts “Find Contact” is defined as an Exact Match on Full Name, then Step 3 is Update Google Contact based on updated First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone fields in Active Campaign. 


Did I mess something up? Thanks!


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