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Update Spreadsheet for my upsell with click funnels (already create a new spreadsheet)

  • 22 September 2020
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Hello community!


I’ve created a Zap for a new purchase on Click Funnel in which i create a new spreadsheet on google sheets.

After the first purchase I’m having an up sell and i would like to updated the same row of the purchase with the up sell information.

I tried but was always updating same row.

any tips on how doing it??








Best answer by Troy Tessalone 23 September 2020, 16:22

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9 replies

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Please provide screenshots of how your Zap step is configured, thanks.

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hello Troy!!

thanks for your time! 


here you can see the zap using “New Successful Purchase” from my Funnel (1st step) and then “Create Spreadsheet Row” from Google Sheet

so far is good because i’m collecting the info of first purchase but when i try to get information of OTO up sell (which is steps 2 on that funnel) i don’t know how to make it happend.

As far as i can get is duplicating this zap and getting that ORO info in a different row of the google sheet (but the idea is to get the information from both steps of my funnel in the same row)


is good enough that info??

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For the second  upsell, you’ll need a common data point that can be used to lookup the existing row to update found row with data.

Action: GSheets - Lookup Row

Action: GSheets - Update Row

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hello troy!


thanks for the help.


in order to use it with the  upsell i should creat a new different zap ??

click funnels new purchase UP SELL → GSheets - Lookup Row → GSheets - Update Row


like this?

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Yes, that the concept.
Again, the key to making this work is that there is a common data point from each ClickFunnels step that will allow you to do the GSheet lookup.

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hello again troy!


i may be stock in step 3 GS-Update row


what do i missed ? 


thank you again for your help

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Row value should be the Row ID (number) returned from the previous step GSheet Lookup Row.

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not working… i think i would not do it cos i don’t wanna waste more of your time. :( 

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Row input in the Zap step should look like this…