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Update MailChimp Subscriber trigger -> Does MailChimp activity count?

  • 15 July 2020
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I want the ‘Updated MailChimp subscriber’ to fire when a user clicks a link or opens an email on a MailChimp mail (this is an ‘Activity’ in the MC API). These activities post to the activity wall of a user profile in MC.


Right now it doesn’t seem to work.. but I swear I had it working a few days ago.


Will Activities trigger this trigger?


Best answer by nicksimard 22 July 2020, 02:54

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7 replies

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Hi @chriswright!

I’ve got bad news and good news.

Bad news: the Updated MailChimp Subscriber trigger won’t register email opens or clicks :(

Good news: we recently (like last week) updated the MailChimp integration to include Email Opened and Link Clicked triggers. It’s being rolled out as we speak, and that should be completed by Monday, July 27th. It’ll happen automatically, with no action required on your part :)

So in the very near future you’ll be able to accomplish your goal!

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This is awesome news!

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I don’t see this yet in my Zapier account. Any ideas why that is?

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Hi @chriswright! The dev team noticed a few issues in their final testing and we’re making sure that’s all squared away before we go ahead and roll out the new version of the MailChimp integration. 


I don’t have an ETA on the exact time frame, but I know that the team is actively working on it, so hopefully soon!

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@Danvers @nicksimard 

I see these triggers are now live, which is great thanks. But both ‘email open’ and ‘email click’ as me to specific a campaign. This is limiting.


I create new campaigns every week and month… for weekly updates and monthly newsletter. I’d like a zap that detects open or click in ‘any new campaign’ for a specific list.

Is that possible?

Or maybe a way to look up that fact a new campaign has been created and trigger open email for that campaign - so sort of dynamic?


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Hi Chris!


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this one. It’s not currently possible to set up a Zap that will look at all MailChimp campaigns and not a specific one. I’ve tried to find a way around it (eg as you said, triggering a Zap on new campaigns and using that to create the new Zap) but that wouldn’t be possible either as the trigger for the Zap has to be the MailChimp trigger, which means that there’s no way to pass the information to the Zap (eg with a webhook) before the trigger. 

The best that I can think of would be to send yourself a reminder when a New Campaign is created using that trigger. It’s not perfect but it would at least let you know that you need to go and copy the Zap. Sorry that there’s not a better solution here!