Update item on monday board when field is updated on ActiveCampaign

  • 23 March 2023
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HI all, i got acustom field on active campaign called (first purchase) wich is automatically updated via API every night...On monday i have a board with all leads that areaollected from difference sources (website, sales people, social media, etc) I have a column inthis board called FIRST PURCHASE, atthe moment i fill it manually but i would like to know if i could fill it using zapier. IMPORTANT: every day we have dozens of new clients buti want that the zap update the monday item only if it’s already present in the this posible?

thx in advance


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2 replies

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Hey @PierGGT, welcome to the Community! 

That sounds like it should be possible. My first thought here is that you would need to set up a Zap with the following trigger and action steps:

  • Trigger: Updated Contact (ActiveCampaign) - triggers when the updates take place each night.
  • Action: Get Item by Column Value ( - searches for the relevant lead by searching a specific column for a value that’s unique to the lead, their email address perhaps? As the following action will be dependant on the ID from this action, the Zap will halt if an existing lead isn’t found.
  • Action: Change Multiple Columns Value ( - this would then update the item that’s found by the previous action to with the necessary information.

One thing to note on that is, in order for the Change Multiple Columns Value action to know which item it needs to update, in the Item ID field you’d need to select the Item’s ID (use the Custom value option) from the Get Item by Column Value action. 

Hopefully that helps to get you started. Please keep us in the loop on how you get on! 🙂

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Hi @PierGGT 

Just want to follow up on this.

Have you tried SamB’s suggestion? If so, did it work?

Let me know if you have other questions. 😊