Update Google Calendar events when Salesforce event is updated

  • 14 January 2022
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I’ve already created a zap that creates a Google Calendar event when an event has been created in Salesforce. I now want to be able to update that same event if any of the details change in Salesforce. I’ve built this out so far but am still running into problems.


  1. Trigger - Update Record in Salesforce
    • When testing the trigger, it seems like the record that’s being pulled from Salesforce is the original created event, rather than the updated event, so the event in the Google calendar never  gets updated with the new details. 
  2. Action - Find Event in Google Calendar
    • To find the event, I inserted an ID into the original event when it was created and am using this to find that event in the ‘Search term’ field. 
  3. Action - Update Event in Google Calendar
    • When selecting the Event I want to update, I’m not sure what to select as I can’t seem to select the event found in step 2 above


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3 replies

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Hi @FoodMesh

TIP: If you store the GCal Event ID on the Salesforce Object, then you won’t need Step 2: GCal - Find Event.


Help article about changing the trigger test data to manually configure/test your Zap:


You may need to post screenshots with how each Zap step is configured in order for us to have better context.



Thanks @Troy Tessalone, is there an advantage to adding the GCal Event ID to the Salesforce object rather than using the Find Event?


I managed to get the zap working with the Find Event action and realized I needed to use the GCal event ID when it was asking for which event I wanted to update. 

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Yes, the GCal ID is a unique value that will never change.

Whereas the GCal Event Titles could change, you could find a similarly named GCal Event if your Find GCal Event search criteria is not exact, or there could be no matching GCal Event found.