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Update cells in Smartsheet when Google Sheets is updated - Required field “Row ID” (ROW_ID) is missing error

  • 3 September 2021
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Dear community



Google Sheet with column “Last foil used” contains dates and is the sender cell.

Google Sheet column SS ID contains all the RowID that need to be adressed in smartsheet.

smartsheet with column “Start date” is the receiver cell.


What I want Zapier to do:

Whenever google Sheet is updated in the “last foil used” column the value shall be pushed to the respective Start date in the smartsheet row (SS ID).

Where I struggle:

I was able to set up the Zapier. But I was unable to define the custom RowID. System says it does not contain data.


Can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot,



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5 replies

Dear community

I got a job to do from my boss, I don’t know how to handle :-/


Google Sheet has rows with materials and “Last foil used”

Smartsheet has also rows with materials and “Start date” 

Google Sheet has a column SS ID that contains the smartsheet target row.


What must be done:

If “Last foil used” in google sheet is changed than in smartsheet the “start date” is updated with the value “Last foil used” from goolge sheet.


Where I stuck:

Try cell by cell update...

I set up the trigger in google sheet on row “Last foil used” (I was unable to set the trigger on one specific cell)

I set up  the action in smartsheet to update the “start date” cell at a specific row ID

Zapir does update the smartsheet cell “start date” with the last row entry in “Last foil used” from google sheet but not from the correct row (was unable to define that).


Try column to column update (favored).

I set up the trigger in google sheet on row “Last foil used”

I set up  the action in smartsheet to update the “start date” cell at a custom row defined in google sheet column “SS ID”.

Zapir does not recognize SS ID as a valid target in smartsheet.

Can you please help me?


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The issue is that Smartsheet doesn’t know which row to update. This usually is resolved by adding search row before the “update row” action, then searching which row to update will give you the row number. If your smartsheet always needs to update a specific row, then you don’t have to use a search step, just supplying the row number (in this case 46) in your Smartsheet configuration will do the work.

Thank you @robschmidt 

In your example I can specify the target cell in smartsheet (row46). I can do this for all the 20smartsheet  cells one by one.

However, how does smartsheet know where to take that value from in google sheet? Because I can only set the trigger on the column “Last foil used”, not on a specific cell.


Finally I got a solution.

I use now Data Shuttle from Smartsheet to regulary auto-copy the google Sheet 1:1 into a new Smarthseet and then I create a cell by cell link from this new Smarthseet into my Project Smartsheet.

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That’s fantastic! Thanks for sharing your solution here @SCHMIC52! :)