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Unable to turn Zap on, error = "Error turning Zap on: Javascript Exception: `TypeError: Cannot read property 'ID' of null`."

  • 10 June 2021
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I’m getting this same error message on all my Zaps that have ScheduleOnce as the trigger, regardless of the action app that comes afterwards.

I’ve tried to uninstall ScheduleOnce and re-install it, I’ve tried regenerating the API code and connecting with a fresh code - it has been re-connected successfully as an app. I’ve then re-linked ScheduleOnce as the trigger in all Zaps successfully and this is pulling through test data fine. I have a green tick next to all steps in all my Zaps and no error messages within the set up steps of any Zaps. BUT still I can’t turn them on and am getting this error msg when I try.

All Zaps were working fine until this morning when I started getting error emails that a couple weren’t triggering. I’ve not made any changes to the Zap steps and I don’t understand why I can’t turn them on!

I’ve submitted a ticket to Zapier but it may be 24hrs before they reply and I can’t wait that long. Please can someone help me fix this?

Thanks, Steph

Error message:



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5 replies

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@StephISQ Sorry we missed this before!

Just checking in to see if you still need help with this? 

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@AndrewJDavison_Luhhu yep still need help pls!

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Experiencing the same issue here with Schedule Once….tried to reset everything but still unable to turn on the Zap with the error “Javascript Exception: `TypeError: Cannot read property 'ID' of null`.”

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I’m having this issue too. It happens with all of my zaps with SO trigger in it.

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Hi @StephISQ @Stanley @sinasahami!

I see that we’ve got an open bug report for this exact issue with ScheduleOnce. I’ve added you all to the list of affected users. Once it’s resolved you’ll be notified via email!