Unable to Select Worksheet after Copying a Spreadsheet

  • 10 February 2022
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I have a zap and

  • one step copies the spreadsheet
  • and then I want another step to write data into a specific workbook in the copied spreadhseet.
  • The issue is I don’t have this option for a copied spreadsheet (it appears as only one workbook to select). Here is a video of the problem - does anyone have a workaround for this


Here is a screenshare of what is going on: 


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1 reply

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Hi @AdamZap

A potential solution:

Don’t include the desired Worksheet in the Spreadsheet, but instead use this action step in the Zap: GSheet Create Worksheet


Otherwise, I think you’re going to have a challenge trying to dynamically select the Worksheet ID in the copied Worksheet, because I believe the Worksheet IDs change from Spreadsheet to Spreadsheet besides the initial main Worksheet that has a Worksheet ID of 0.


Another possible workaround is to move the desired Worksheet to be the first worksheet in the GSheet that is being copied, and try that.


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