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Twitter New User -> Google Sheets

  • 19 July 2023
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I created a zap with trigger of ‘new follower’ in twitter which sends ‘user name’ and ‘date followed’ to a google sheet that creates a new row with that data in two columns. It works, but only once. 


How do I get the zap to continually update new followers so that I can track daily growth in the spreadsheet?


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Hey @tsteffen, welcome to the Community!

That’s very odd, the Zap should be continually adding any new followers to the Google Sheets spreadsheet as they come in. I did some checking on this end and couldn’t find any similar issues reported for the New Follower (Twitter) trigger. So I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the set up of the Zap or a wider spread issue that just hadn’t been reported yet.

Can I just double-check that the Zap is switched currently on and the selected Twitter user has had new followers added after it was switched on?

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Please do. Thank you. 

Were you able to discover what the problem was?



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I’m so sorry for missing your replies here previously, @tsteffen

Us folks in the Community here are unable to access your Zaps. I asked as I was wanting you to confirm that the Zap was definitely switched on and had, had new followers added while it was switched on. Apologies for any confusion caused by my previous reply, it definitely could have been made clearer!

It seems that the Twitter Integration was since removed so it’s not going to be possible to use that New Follower trigger any more. There are some alternatives to the Twitter app that are recommended on the Twitter & Zapier integration page which you may want to look into: 

“Most of our social media integrations and social marketing integrations include solutions for creating new posts. For example:

It’s been a while so you may have already sound a solution here but if you’re still stuck hopefully the above information is helpful. 🙂