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TWITTER list TO FACEBOOK page (NO IMAGE only text)

  • 22 March 2020
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Twitter List to facebook page, how to get the images across? 


Best answer by Danvers 23 March 2020, 12:23

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Hi @B33 

Your trigger step output data should include some sort of “media_url” field with a URL.

You can use that in your Facebook step.

Thanks for replying but ive tried that and it doesn't seem to bring any image or video over 

The screenshot shows the image url added

@AndrewJDavison_Luhhu Given the functionality available on the Zapier FB and LinkedIn app there seems to be no other way than adding to body for FB and 'Preview Image' on LinkedIn

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Hi @B33 - It can be tricky to add images to posts on Facebook Pages and LinkedIn, especially when you’re taking the links from another source (eg a tweet).


If you want to add a specific photo to a FB page post, it’s best to use the ‘Create Page Photo’ action. Here’s a quick guide to the difference between the two actions:


Using the Create Post action for FB Pages

When you use the Facebook Page "Create Page Post" Action and include a link url, the resulting post will include a message of your choice. The photo will automatically be pulled by Facebook. The photo will be a clickable link that you've set in the Link URL.

Create Page Post Action without picture url but with link url output

The image pulled would depend on the following factors:

  1. Facebook will first look at the link for Facebook’s OG (Open Graph) tags
  2. If #1 fails, it will scrape the page for another better link. Facebook will favor bigger images with a rectangle ratio.

Images that Facebook prefers:

  • For high-res displays, use images that are at least: 1200 x 630
  • The minimum recommended image size is 600 x 315
  • Images smaller than 600 x 315 will be displayed, but thumbnail will be smaller
  • The absolute minimum image size is 200 x 200
  • Images under 200 x 200 will not be displayed and are logged as errors in the debugger.


Using the Create Page Photo action

When you use the Facebook Page "Create Page Photo" Action, the resulting post will include a photo and a description of your choice.

Create Page Photo Action Input

Create Page Photo Action Output



Photos on Linked In

You’ll need to add a publicly available url of the image that you want to use in the Preview image field. 


I hope that helps to clear things up!