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Twilio repeat calling help

  • 19 December 2020
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Hello, I would like to know how to make repeated Twilio calls. I currently have a Zap that sends a Twilio voice call every time I get a email. However, sometimes the call doesn’t not go through, because the number it is sent to is being used at the moment. This means that the call was not answered. How can I make it so that if the Twilio call is not answered, it will call again?


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2 replies

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Hi @Jonathan You!


I’m not super familiar with Twilio, but you might be able to do this using a Filter step. 


For this to work, you need to take a look at the information that the Zap gets from Twilio when the call is made. Is there a field that tells you whether or not the call got through? If there is a field that tells you that, then great we can do this!


You’ll need to add a filter step after the Twilio step in your Zap. If you’ve not used a Filter step before, I recommend checking out this help guide to familiarise yourself with them:


Set up the Filter step so that it looks at the data in the field that tells you whether or not the call was successful. It needs to be set up so that it will stop the Zap if the call was successful and only continue if it wasn’t. You can then add another Twilio step after the filter to try the call again. 


You can repeat this any number of times to have the Zap try to call again. You could also add one final filter and a step that sends you a message (eg email) none of the calls were successful, so you know to follow up manually. 

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Hi @Jonathan You ,

As zapier doesn't provide us any action, trigger, search or filter to track unanswered calls, however you can do it via webhook.

You can create another zap, there you need to use zapier webhook as trigger and set this webhook url in Twilio for unanswered calls.