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  • 3 January 2020
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So, now it’s 2020 I’m going to start experimenting with creating some Zapier video guides.

Not sure what the end product here will be, but I’ll start small and see where things end up.

Question: What stuff in Zapier is hard/confusing for people?

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3 replies

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Here's just some thoughts I was having about a similar topic/effort:

  • Line Items - which apps take them as inputs, which spit them out as outputs and how to use them
  • formatter hacks, like how to do an if comparison of text using spreadsheet like formula
  • simple webhook calls to open APIs
  • App capability understanding - aka reading the integrations page and knowing that the Trello app will not let you remove a user from a card.
  • paths - that they are not exclusive (you can fork a zap and run the data down multiple paths)
  • using google sheets as an intermediate when you need to run actions on each line item

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Thanks! All great ideas I really like the angle of hacking external resources to make Zapier do more stuff - the external APIs, formatter stuff and Google Sheets are all stuff that I've utilised for my clients.

Regarding open APIs, do you know of any "Really useful open API" lists/blog posts kicking around?

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It might be lame, but I use this to fire off multiple instances of a zap http://lorem-rss.herokuapp.com I've used a URL shortener API for a client (cannot remember which one right now) and some conversion APIs, here's a list of a few open/free:

29 Free Public APIs for Developers APIs (like: SYSTRAN.io - Translation and NLP) | RapidAPI -- the weather API might be interesting...

A collective list of APIs. Build. OOOO I like this one:

Charts, simple as a URL I've used tons of APIs from Google specifically Google Maps, I was able to do drive time distance calculation between two addresses (and it's free under a certain threshold) Seriously, the sky is the limit with APIs...