Trying to use Zapier to send an email from custom field in Asana upon task completion

  • 12 January 2023
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So I am trying to use Zapier to send an email, upon completion of a task, that is populated in a Custom field on a Task in Asana.

My setup:


App and Event: Asana and Completed Task

Account: My account

Workspace and Project: Both are set to the correct workspace and project



App and Event: Microsoft Outlook/Send Email

Choose Account: My Account

Setup Action:

** This is where the issue is** 

I don’t see the custom field when looking through the insert Data options on the “To” field. 

When doing a search for the board ID/number, it shows the attached screenshot.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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6 replies

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Hi @Edward M 

Good question.

Asana Custom Fields are returned as line items in an array that you see.

There is a related field that will have the value of the custom fields.

That means you’ll have to use some more advanced logic to isolate the desired field/value.

You can try using: Formatter > Utilities > Line Items options


@Troy Tessalone 


Ok, so I have spent more time trying to make this work and was able to find the ID number of the custom field I wanted. See attached.

When I choose the “custom fields Xnumber Name Personal Email Address”, it comes back with an error when running the test: Unable to send an email: At least one recipient is not valid. Recipient, the Number Name Personal Email Address field chosen from above, is not resolved.

I then tried the Custom Field Xnumber Text Value, thinking it would select the value which would be the actual email address, and it still did not resolve.

Thank you for any help you can give.


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@Edward M 

Looks like for this Task/Subtask there is no value for this field.

Make sure to test with proper data from Asana.


@Troy Tessalone 

Let me thank you for trying to help me. 

Please see the 2 new screenshots below.

  1. Zapier Screenshot shows what is listed under the test Trigger for the Task. I captured the area specific to the Custom Field.
  2. Asana screenshot shows the custom field referenced where there is indeed an email address.


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@Edward M 

The Text Value and Display Value are both null.

Make sure to test the Zap steps again after the data has been added into the custom fields.


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Hi @Edward M! 👋

Were you able to get this working following Troy’s suggestions here? Please let us know whether you’re still getting stuck. Eager to ensure you’re all set here!