Troubleshooting: Slack message time stamp not updating a date field in Airtable

  • 15 July 2020
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I have a Zap set up to trigger several field updates in Airtable based on the content of a Slack Message in a specific Slack Channel. 

The Zap formats the message, separating the text to allow for a searchable Airtable record name and a trigger phrase that is used to route the zap to one of 3 contextual paths, each path updating specific fields in the the search for air-table record based on specific criteria of that path.

In each of these paths the zap is meant to extract the timestamp from the posted slack message and format this into an Airtable local time format and to update a specific date field in Airtable with this information based on which path is triggered.

Every time I manually test and retest this process for all 3 paths the date field data is isolated, formatted and updated correctly in appropriate Airtable record based on the slack message trigger. Conversely, once the zap is out of test mode and is enabled the date field data does not update in the Airtable record as expected despite all other parts of the zap functioning normally to adjust other Airtable field in the record. 

Can anyone explain what is going on? Surely if it works in all steps of testing it should behave similarly when enabled and running in the background.



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2 replies

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Hi @tobygroberts ,


This might either be a bug or some weird issue with your Zap. Could you share some more information like screenshots, errors, table types etc. ?



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Above is the Date/Time Formatter settings I have within the Zap. Which takes the post time info from the Slack message and formats it into a US local date format which matches my date field formatting in the Airtable field. Below is an example test input and output:

Slack Input:

Zapier Date formatter Output

Below is where this info is then injected in the specific Airtable Date field. Via ‘Customize Record’.

Heres the test result. 

and corresponding correct result in Airtable:

When this is run through the Retest & review editing steps, the Zap updates this date field and the other specified path dependent fields in Airtable in this case ‘HF Status’ field is updated with the single select option ‘Ready to check’.

When the zap is enabled and running in the background the date field seems to be ignored by the zap and does not update, while all other elements of the Zap run as expected. The process does not throw up any error messages.