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Trouble with Looping & Line Items - Lookup, then add if not found (CSV Attachment from Gmail to Google Sheets)

Hello, Everyone!


I am thoroughly stumped on this one. I would SO appreciate any assistance.



My gmail account receives a daily automated CSV attachment with two columns of rows that I would like to add to a Google Sheets spreadsheet (if they are not present already).


  1. I would like to take the CSV attachment from gmail & parse the rows.
  2. I want to search the existing rows in the Google Sheet and only add rows from the CSV attachment that don’t already exist in the Google Sheet.

Where I’m at so far:

  1. Trigger → New Email in Gmail
  2. Action → Utilities in Formatter by Zapier
  3. Action → Create Loop From Line Items in Looping by Zapier
  4. Action → Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets (add if not found)

Problems I’m having:

  1. Looping by Zapier doesn’t seem to be breaking out the line items given it by Formatter by Zapier. See attachments below:

Line items working as they should from Formatter (as far as I can tell) Pic #1

Line items not working Pic #3

    1. When I run the test, the Google Sheet is being updated in a way that seems consistent with what Looper is creating. What I’d like is for each of these to be in their own Row, not all in Row 2.




Any ideas? Thanks so much!!




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Hi @harrison.funk 

Good question.

Try this Looping action instead:


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Hey @harrison.funk. So I see you said you already have a looping step but it isn’t giving you the split line items like you want. I wonder if there’s a way to make a custom value instead of mapping it to the line items. It seems like it’s reading it all as one block of data instead of multiple pieces 🤔 I’m curious to see if we can come up with a solution here!🙂