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Triggering Zaps by previously run Zaps? Chaining?

  • 8 October 2019
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Hi all,

sorry if this is a stupid question, didn't find an answer by searching: i have compartmentalized my zaps, e.g. have split zaps into different parts for easier management. since there is no easy way (short of re-doing the zap) to merge zaps, i would like to keep them separate, but "chain" them together so that when one zap finishes, it triggers another zap. how do i most effortlessly achieve that?


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Hi @davidweiss

What you'll want to do is end each zap with a "Webhook -> POST Call" that calls the other zap. To achieve this you'll need to have the next zap in the chain be triggered by a "Webhook -> Catch Hook" - that will give you the URL you'll need to add to your post call.

You can add fields to your webhook to pass data data between zaps.

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And this leads to the possibility of iteratively "looping" Zaps through records of variable quantities, as outlined by @BowTieBots!

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@TheDavidJohnson @BowTieBots the link referenced above no longer works - can this please be updated as I’m interested in finding this article