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Triggering Mailchimp Automation from Squarespace form submit - even if the contact is already in the audience and tagged

  • 16 January 2023
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Hi all.

I have what I think is a fairly straightforward integration, but I am struggling with it.

I have a form on our Squarespace site for folks to submit their email address to receive a file download. I’d like this form submit to trigger a MailChimp email with the download link, and to add them to that MC audience with a tag saying they downloaded the file. And - this is the hiccup - I want that email to fire even if they come back and submit it again a second or third time.

I can’t seem to manage this directly via MailChimp automation because I can’t find a starting point that will fire once the contact has been added to the audience and/or tagged the first time. And I’m struggling to find a way to do it with Zapier also. 

I’m sure I’m missing something simple here. Please feel free to point me to another thread or resource if this has been covered. I couldn’t find anything in my forum search.

Thank you!


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Hi @MichelleK 

Good question.

In Mailchimp, make sure the Customer Journey Automation that sends the email is triggered from a Tag being added.

Then as part of the Mailchimp Customer Journey Automation, add a step to remove the Tag after the email is sent.

And make sure to adjust the Mailchimp Customer Journey Automation settings to enable this:


Or you can use this Zap action: Mailchimp - Remove Subscriber from Tag


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Thanks so much for this quick response! My only concern with this workflow is that our contacts will be left without the tag in the MC audience - which I want to keep for list segmentation purposes.

But you did get me thinking about this in a different way. I’m going to try adding an additional placeholder tag which will be used to trigger the MC automation, and then removed at the end of the Zap. The original tag will stay in place, leaving me with what I need for segmentation.

I’ll come back to update once I’ve tried this. Thanks again!

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Success! Here’s what I ended up doing, in case someone else comes across the same challenge. I did end up doing the final tag removal in Mailchimp, as I don’t have a paid account in Zapier to be able to add a third step.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Build Squarespace form and connect to Zapier
  2. Set up Zap to receive Squarespace form, then add/update the incoming contact to the appropriate Mailchimp audience - adding two tags: a permanent tag for list segmentation (Downloaded Teachers Resource), and a temporary placeholder tag (DL Placeholder).
  3. In Mailchimp, set up a Customer Journey automation. Starting point is a contact being tagged with Downloaded Teachers Resource. Additional filter for contact tagged with DL Placeholder.

    Set up email to be sent when Customer Journey triggered.

    Add a Journey Point after the email, which removes just the DL Placeholder tag. Ensure that Contact Repeats Journey is checked, so that contacts will be sent the email each time they submit the form.
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Great problem solving, @MichelleK! Thanks for letting us know how you made this work for you 🙂

If I understand your requirement correctly, you want to send an email to your subscribers via MailChimp every time they submit their email address on your Squarespace form, regardless of whether they have already submitted it in the past. Here's one possible way to achieve this:

First, create a new audience in MailChimp to store the subscribers who submit their email addresses via the Squarespace form.

In Squarespace, you can use their built-in integration with Zapier to send the email addresses to MailChimp. You can set up a Zap that triggers whenever a new submission is received on your Squarespace form, and add the email address to the MailChimp audience you created in step 1.

Next, you can set up a tag in MailChimp for the subscribers who have submitted their email addresses. You can create a new tag in MailChimp and add it to the subscribers in the audience whenever a new submission is received in Squarespace.

Finally, you can create a new email campaign in MailChimp that sends an email with the download link to subscribers who are tagged as having submitted their email address. And with linkedin navigator chrome extension, you will always retrieve new contact details.

By using this setup, every time a subscriber submits their email address on your Squarespace form, they will be added to your MailChimp audience and tagged as having submitted their email. This will trigger the email with the download link, ensuring that they receive it every time they submit their email address, even if they have already done so in the past.