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Triggering from Rescheduled appointments in Calendly?

  • 12 July 2019
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I'd like to trigger my Zap when someone reschedules an appointment in Calendly, but the only triggers are Invitee created and invitee cancelled. Is there a way to set up a Zap based on if someone reschedules (eg cancels and then adds a new appointment)?


Best answer by jesse 14 July 2019, 19:50

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3 replies

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Hey Danvers!

When an appointment is rescheduled on Calendly, the mechanics of that action are such that the original appointment is canceled and a new appointment is created. So, depending on what you're looking to accomplish, you can use multiple Zaps with both "Invitee Created" and "Invitee Canceled" triggers to achieve your desired workflow.

Hope that helps you work around this!

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^^ What Jesse said. Plus, Calendly outputs a field called 'Rescheduled?' that you can set a filter on. I've got a zap that logs all of our CS calls into Airtable, but keeps track of if they were canceled or rescheduled. Then, we have a saved view that calculates the amount of time each person was in a meeting (and the count of actual meetings), and the rates for cancelations/reschedules.

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@BlakeBailey wow, didn't know that! I'd love to see how your views are setup in Airtable. Are you able to post a screenshot or gif of what that looks like? I bet others would be interested to see. :)