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Trigger Zap when specific value is added in a specific column of your google sheet

  • 25 April 2021
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Hi Everyone :) 



I am offering 2 programs to my users. 

A user who bought program A can purchase program B once he finished his program A. 

Both program have their own mailing list. 


What I am trying to do

I am trying to update the tag associated to the user in mailchimp based on the program the use purchased. 

So I’ld like to tell Zap “When the value “Program A” is in column “Program” > Add tag “Program A” in the user profile in mailchimp”. (and the same for Program B) 


Any thoughts on how I could do that? 

I’ve found a way to update the tag in mailchimp when a clomun value is updated, but not precisely for a specifc value. 


Thanks everyone for your help :) 





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There’s a filter step that should help you achieve this. 

Trigger when the cell is updated and only continue if the value is “Program A”.

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Thanks a lot @rochincheng !!! I am playing with filter right now and I think you re right this is exactly what I needed !!