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Trigger Zap Based on number of reactions

  • 13 May 2020
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Hi all

I’m looking at creating a zap that triggers based off the number of reactions. 

For context i’ve set up a daily call asking people to react if they’re coming into the office. 

Once a certain number of reactions have been reached. I want to trigger another message. 

I’ve played around for awhile now and haven’t seem to had much luck. Any tips greatly appreciated. 



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3 replies

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Hi @Bazdoctor! Could I ask what app you’re using to share the messages - where are the reactions being added? 

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Oh sorry, probably should’ve mentioned that. This is for Slack. Looking for a response to trigger either based on the number of comments or reactions. 

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So, there is a “New Reaction Added” trigger for Slack.

One of the fields that you’ll get back is an ID for the message it was added to.

Winding back, you’ll want another zap that triggers when there is a new message and records the ID in a Google Sheet (or other spreadsheets) row.

The spreadsheet should have two columns. “ID” and “Count”.

Then, when your “New Reaction Added” zap triggers, it should search the sheet for the matching message ID and use “Formatter->Number->Math Operation” to +1 that number and then update the sheet.

That zap should then have a filter so it only runs if ‘count > X’ and sends the email.

Let us know how you get on and if you need more help.