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Trigger only if certain Quickbooks Online user makes a change?

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Use Case: Sometime I jump in and process paper checks for a coworker in Quickbooks Online and I would love to set up a zap that would conditionally email him only if MY quickbooks user adds a new payment (sometimes he keeps track of things separately). I don’t want it to email him if he’s the one adding the payment as that’d be annoying.

Right now I have to email him separately to let him know, but it feels like there should be a way to automate this.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to conditionally run a quickbooks online zap based on the user that made the change in quickbooks? It doesn’t seem like it based on my initial attempt to set it up, so I thought I’d check here to see if anyone has a workaround for something similar or if I’m missing it as an option? 

Thank you for any help and insight!


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Explore using a filter after your trigger step to only let certain “New Payment” objects through. For example, if you are getting back data from the trigger on who the user was that created the payment that could be used. 

if not, I would explore maybe using a notes field as a workaround. When you create a payment, you could add a private note with some value like “Email to {coworker}” then in Zapier your filter would look for this value before sending out an email. If the value doesn’t exist then don’t send an email. 


I hope that helps! 

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Thank you, @GetUWired ! 

I’d missed that the memo space in the QBO payment was called PrivateNote in the Zapier setup and your idea to set up logic based on a custom phrase worked. 

Thanks again!

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Glad I could help!