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Trigger "New Reaction Added in Slack" once only

  • 8 February 2022
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This question has been asked before, e.g. here:

The proposed solutions are cumbersome, though.

I wondered if it would be possible to let the zap add a `:check:` reaction as a latch, and then check for the existence of that reaction. However I couldn't see how to check for the existence of a reaction. Does anyone know of a way?

Best answer by SamB 11 February 2022, 17:22

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5 replies

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Hi @Jean 

An alternative approach would be to log each Slack New Reaction Added in a GSheet or Airtable, then check against that each time to determine if the Zap should proceed by passing thru a Filter step.


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An alternative approach would be to log each Slack New Reaction Added in a GSheet or Airtable,

Hi Troy :-)

That’s exactly what I had in mind with “cumbersome” :disappointed_relieved:


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Hey @Jean

I came across your question and it inspired me to do some digging into other potential workarounds. And I found a way to see how many reactions there have been using webhooks. Essentially you’d use a GET request to connect to Slack’s reactions.get endpoint and see the current count of reactions on a specific message.

I wrote up a quick guide on how to do it here: 

Not sure if it’s much less cumbersome than the other suggestions, but hopefully it’ll be helpful! :relaxed:

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Hi @SamB --- wow, this is impressive even by Zapier support’s usual level of excellence. I see the endpoint has the reaction emoji name too, so we can filter on the count of the specific reaction I’m interested in.

For me, this is less cumbersome, because the work is done in one place, and there’s no separate spreadsheet to be documented and risk falling out of sync.

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YAY! That’s fantastic news, @Jean! I’m so glad you found it helpful. :blush::tada: