Trigger: Move Trello Card; Event: Move corresponding Google Drive Folder

  • 8 February 2023
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Hi everyone --- I’ve made a first Zap that creates a Google Drive Folder every time I add a new Trello Card to a Trello Board. I am now trying to set up the following second Zap: 

  1. Trigger: Card Moved to List in Trello
  2. Event: move the corresponding Google Drive Folder whose name matches the Trello Card from one Google Drive Folder to another Google Drive Folder

Effectively, I want to be able to link my movement of a Trello Card across a board to an automated movement of its corresponding folder (and all of its contents) in Google Drive. 

Does Trello support this and if so, how should I structure the zap?

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8 replies

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Hi @Sparro 

Good question.

Try this…

In your current Zap add another step to save the generated GDrive Folder ID back into a custom field on the Trello Card for further reference by other Zaps.


Then you can use these Zap steps in the new Zap:


NOTE: Move File works to Move Folders



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Hi @Sparro just wanting to check in and see if adding that extra step worked out for you? Let us know if you have any additional questions!

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Thanks very much @Troy Tessalone (and @chanelle for following up).

I’m having trouble with the first step Troy recommended: how do I add the generated GDrive Folder ID back into a custom field on the Trello Card for further reference by other Zaps?

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You can use the ‘Custom’ option to map the ID dynamic variable returned from the GDrive step.

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@Troy Tessalone --- thanks for the follow-up, Troy.

Could I trouble you for clarification on the last reply: should I be setting up another step in my first zap that creates a Google Drive folder every time I create a Trello Card, saving the generated GDrive Folder ID back into a custom field on the Trello Card? If so, how do I do that? 

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Yes, that probably makes sense to do with the Zap actions.


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@Troy Tessalone Should I be using the Update Card action in the first zap to add the GDrive Folder URL to the Trello Card description (as in below)? If so, I cannot seem to find that GDrive Folder URL in the Custom field for the file name in the Move File step from the second zap.


First Zap Overview:

First Zap Update Card in Trello Step:

Second Zap Overview:

Second Zap Update Step:



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Zap 1

For the first Zap you can do this after the Create Folder step:




Instead of using the URL of the folder, you’ll use the ID of the Google Drive folder.

NOTE: I’m not sure if you’re on a paid plan for Trello, but ideally you’d probably want to use a custom field for the folder ID instead of adding it to the card description. 


Zap 2

Then the second Zap triggers on your card being moved, and you use the card description (or the custom field if you go that route) as the custom value for the “file” you want to move:


That’s the missing piece, that you need to store the Google Drive folder ID in Trello, then use that in the Move File step.

Can you give that a shot to see if it works out for you?