Trigger event when salesforce event date is due

  • 3 November 2020
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How can I go about triggering an event in salesforce when the date and time for an event object becomes due?

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3 replies

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@Suren -

This one’s a bit of a sticky wicket. Normally, you’d use Schedule by Zapier to trigger on something time-based. That won’t work in this instance. Nor would an updated record in Salesforce, since the field would just exist, not be updated.

What would work is to use a two-step process, involving Airtable.

Trigger = New Event in Salesforce

Action = Create Record in Airtable

In Airtable, you can automate the record shooting to a new view when the date is today. Another zap would then be:

Trigger = New Record in View

Action = Create Record in Salesforce

That should work, depending on what you want the final action to be. It’s a relatively simple setup – holler if you want our team to take a crack at it.

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Hi @Suren!

The suggestion above by @adamsmartschan is probably what I personally would do as well. It’s a workaround, but it’s one that will likely become handy in the future once you get used to the setup :) It can be applied to other use cases as well.


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Hi @Suren! Did @adamsmartschan’s suggestion help you with this one? We’d love to know if you were able to find a way to build what you needed 🙂