Trigger creates New Google Spreadsheet, then next action is to Create Spreadsheet Row in newly created Sheet

Hello, See below for my requirement


I would like a new record in salesforce to trigger the creation/copy of an existing Google Sheet and then a new row inserted on that new spreadsheet with date from the Salesforce record



Trigger: 1. New Record in SalesForce

Action: 2. Create Spreadsheet in Google Sheets

-------Spreadsheet to Copy: Select template sheet

-------Headers: Blank 

Action: 3. Create Spreadsheet Row

-------Spreadsheet, Custom: 2. ID

-------Worksheet: Selected worksheet to insert new row


I Can get all of this set up, but it never asks me which fields to put in the new row that are from the New Salesforce record? It does that when I do a normal create spreadsheet row so im thinking it has something to do with me making this a 3rd action after the create spreadsheet action.

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Hi @FrankP 

I suggest reviewing the available help articles for GSheets as making dynamic Zaps with GSheets has some quirkys and tricks involved:

NOTE:The new GSheet will need headers to work correctly.


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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this? 

Thanks for checking. I’m not sure if zapper has fixed their issue so in the meantime I hijacked the create new sheet function and am user the headers as a way to pass data into the workbook 

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Hi @FrankP!

That sounds pretty interesting. I’d be curious to hear more about that process :)