Trigger a zap for Instagram when saving a post & zap using Google Maps

  • 26 January 2022
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Hi everyone, I’d be grateful for your expertise on whether or not these zaps are possible with Zapier with custom code

1. Trigger: Save a post on Instagram to a named collection.

Automation: The post is saved in a Notion database.

The name of the IG collection will be used to create a relation to another Notion database of a tags with the same name. Eg. I save an IG post to a collection called “Productivity”. The post is saved in my Notion database called Notes. In the Notes database there is a relation to another database called Tags. The zap will use “Productivity” to create a relation to the entry “Productivity” in Tags database.

I hope this makes sense!

Ideally the main image will be saved as the cover image for the database entry, and any additional posts such as a carousel post, will be saved in the main body, along with the caption.

Is this possible with Zapier? And if so, how many steps would this need? 🤔

Wondering if I should hire someone for this.


2. Trigger: Save a location to a list on Google Maps

Automation: The location is saved to a Notion database along with my Google Maps comments, the Google rating at the time of saving, and a link that opens the location on Google Maps. The name of the list is used to select a tag in the Notion database entry. 


Thank you!

1 reply

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Did you ever determine a solution for this? I’m also looking to setup a similar automation