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Trello-Every Card updated the existing row in Google sheet update too

  • 19 December 2022
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Hi, I m trying to setup integration where I need to get a result when everytime a card updated in Trello, the Google Spreadsheet Row should update too.
I’ve been trying the steps like Every Card Updated - Update Spreadsheet Row but still didn’t work and only 1 specific row updates every time. Can someone please help me to setup this?


Thank you in advance! 


Best answer by Liz_Roberts 20 December 2022, 15:12

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6 replies

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Hi@keycamillereyes ! Thanks for hopping in with this question!

To help us better understand where you’re at with this Zap, could you share screenshots of your configuration thus far (minus any personal info)? 

In the meantime, it sounds like we’re looking for:

  • TRIGGER: Card Updated in Trello
  • ACTION: Update Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets <--- I included a screenshot below of how this would be set up but are you looking to update multiple rows and/or multiple sheets?

Once we can check out some screenshots, we can dive deeper!


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Thank you for the response Liz! Here are the screenshot of what I have on my Zap, I want to update multiple rows every time each card updated. 


They already have their records on the sheet when they added a card for the first time.

But we want to update the card on trello, we want to update the card as well in the Google sheet  existing row.

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Hi @keycamillereyes ,

It seems our Support team has identified the culprit here- a Lookup Row! Posting their solution below in an effort to assist future members who may encounter a similar scenario:

If you'd like to update a row in Google Sheets when a corresponding card in Trello is updated you'll want to add a step to Lookup Spreadsheet Row to your Zap. Your Zap setup would be like this:

  1. Trello: Card updated
  2. Google Sheets: Lookup Spreadsheet Row
  3. Google Sheets: Update Spreadsheet Row

This is to ensure that the Zap finds the row corresponding to the Trello card, and so you can map its ID in the step to update.
You can also read more about find/ search steps here:

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Hi Liz! Thank you for the information above.

One thing I need to confirm, I used the Lookup Search and it only update 1 row every time even other cards updated that specific row only is the one that updating. 

How can we make that every row on each corresponding cards that will need to be updated?


Thank you so much!