Trello: Adding Lists to a Zapier created Board

  • 4 December 2020
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Let me preface by saying I’m not a developer. I can shell script along with some PowerShell, but that’s my limit.
The goal is to pull project data from Insightly and put the information into Trello. I have a Zap built that will create a board with the Project Name from Insightly. Now I wish to pull the project activities and events from Insightly and create lists in the newly created board.

I can create a separate Zap, or create a 3rd step, to add the lists to the board, but since the board name is going to be named after the project name, it will never be the same. Thus when the ‘list zap’ runs, I need it query the Insightly project name, find that board in Trello, then create the lists.

I have a feeling this is going to require coding beyond my skillset, but I really hoping I’m just missing something obvious. 

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3 replies

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Try adding Trello Search steps to your Zap.


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Hey @DCB, the best way to do this, I believe would be to actually create the mapping as you described (which you don’t need to be a developer to do). You could actually do this using 

  • Zapier Storage (by creating a key-value pair)
  • Google Sheets (by creating a two columns to lookup that contains the corresponding data
  • Airtable (my favourite and more flexible, and with fewer limitations than the above two options)

This way - By using any of the above, you can map the Insightly Project directly to the board ID, and you’ll never need to search it in Trello again, because the two will be connected as a pair. 

Hope that makes sense!

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Hi @DCB!

I wanted to check in with you on this one, since I don’t see a response to the suggestions above. Did you still need help here or did those replies help you resolve things?

Please let us know :)