Transferring Eventbrite contacts to Salesforce

  • 1 November 2021
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Hi All--brand new to Zapier here, and relatively new to Salesforce as well. I’m trying to transfer this year’s event data into a Salesforce campaign. This action would need to add existing contacts to a campaign, and create contacts that do not yet exist. However, in the template transfer, when I get to the Salesforce section, it asks me to identify a specific contact (if you click the “Contact” drop down, you get specific names, which is why I’m not showing that). This doesn’t make any sense to me because the entire purpose of this is to look up the contact from Eventbrite. What am I missing here? Have I set the template up incorrectly?



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3 replies

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Hi @sammyiam 

Not sure Transfer is going to be the right approach for your use case.

When trying to link objects in an app like Salesforce, it expects the internal Object ID for the Contact.

That means the data variable being mapped in the Transfer config needs to be the internal Salesforce Contact ID.

Plus, for your requirement of creating Contacts if they don’t already exists, that logic can’t be added as a step in the Transfer.

You may be better served by using a Zap to transfer the Zap, and prepping the exported data from Eventbrite in a GSheet.



Try these Zap Steps

  1. Trigger: GSheet - New Row (would be the data exported from Eventbrite)
  2. Action: Salesforce - Find/Create Record - Contact
  3. Action: Salesforce - Add Contact to Campaign


The idea would be to configure the Zap, then copy/paste chunks of records into the GSheet tab being used to trigger the Zap.

NOTE: There are rate limits to be aware of (100 records at the same time) when triggering a Zap:

Thank you! What would be the point of using Zapier for this transfer then, when I can just download the information and bulk import it to Salesforce? This seems like paying to do something I already do, rather than an actual simplification of the process.

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Every use case for automation is different.

Often it depends on the capabilities and limitations of the apps involved to determine if introducing automation would be providing value or over-engineering a solution.

Think of Zapier’s Transfer, in it’s current form, as a 1:1 mapping of data from a source app to a destination app.

Example: Export data from a source app to a GSheet to use as a backup.

Meaning if you’re trying to do anything more advanced at the moment, then the Transfer app may not be the best solution.