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Transfer Google Form checkbox/dropdownlist to SignNow PDF

  • 18 October 2022
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Hi, I have a form with checkboxes. I also tried downdown list but the answer will be the same one of them selected. Say 3 checkboxes.

Next I want to fill a PDF, and select the same checkbox from the form on the PDF.

I thought of using zapier formatter, transform or utilities etc. but can’t figure how to say if checkbox 1 on the google form is selected, set YES to the checkbox A on the PDF etc. Basically mirror the checkbox selection from the form on the PDF.


Best answer by wishstr 19 October 2022, 04:23

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Hi @wishstr 

Good question.

You can use a Formatter > Text > Default Value for each option.


This can be handled with a Code step:

You can use this to create default values for each option whether the option exists or not.



// O stands for Option

let O1 = inputData.O1 || "false";
let O2 = inputData.O2 || "false";
let O3 = inputData.O3 || "false";

output = [{O1, O2, O3}];



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OK I figured it myself. Instead of putting all possible values in the lookup table, which will all yield YES, I used several utilities lookup, each giving a YES if it matches. So each one becomes a step.

then in the PDF filling, each checkbox is assigned to a step. Now each checkbox has its own possible answer, not the always YES if all contained in the same lookup table.

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Nice @wishstr !!

Thanks for coming back to share how you solved this one. Let us know if you have any other questions & happy Zapping! ⚡

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I have a question. I created a quiz with a multiple answer question with checkboxes. So let's say they have to choose, from a total of 10 items, the 5 that are correct to the question. So the total points for this question is 5. I tried it and the problem is that it either gives you the 5 points if you get all the answers correct or 0 even if you have 4 correct.