transfer automatically new subs from mailchimp andiance to mailer lite audiance with the same contacts informations

  • 15 January 2023
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hello zapier community, i tryed multiple times to make a zap or an auto transfere concerning :

new subscribtions in mailchimp audiance to mailer lite audiance 

the issue in this operation is the mailer lite trigger step output

  • it oblige you to write an email in the output trigger of mailer lite knowing that it’s supposed to be a variable because the audiance’s contacts of mailchimp contain different emails.

wich make this opperation impossible

my need is to trasfer automatically ich new sub in mailchim to mailer lite, if someone know how to solve this pls responce to this question.

thank you have a good day


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4 replies

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Hi @Absaroth,

Welcome to the Zapier Community!

Would you please provide screenshots of what you’re seeing to provide further context to your question (be sure to redact any personally identifiable information).

What I think I’m understanding is that you are only allowed to enter one subscriber email address into the MailerLite Email field, but the Mailchimp data is providing multiple email addresses? Is the issue that you don’t know which one you should select? Or perhaps that you want to add all of them and not just one?

Hey todd, thanks for your response, you have totaly understood the problem

the input (mailchimp) insert multiple email adresses but the output (mailer lite) don’t understand that it’s supposed to inject multiple email adresses to mailer lite audiance

i think it’s because of the (ogligation) email field of the email lite trigger

to more understand what is happening here is an illustration :


mailchimp audiance (new subs emails) :



mailer lite audiance (new subs emails) :


how i found this issue ?

i noticed that my mailchimp audiance was growing but the mailer lite audiance not, so i opened the zap task history to see what the zap does, and i found that he set all the new subs emails of mailchim to one email and inject them to mailer lite audiance wich explaine why the mailer lite audiance wasn’t growing because when you add new existing contacts to an audiance the audiance don’t grow


here is the screens.


i hope you understood and you can help me with this issue, have a very nice day, all my best :)

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Badge +8 looks like you have everything set up correctly, so it’s difficult to tell why this is not working. Can you send screenshots from the Zap history, including the data in and data out for each step?

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Hi @Absaroth!

Following on from what Todd said, where you’ve put the MailChimp email address in the Mailerlite step is the correct way to set up your Zap. When you turn the Zap on, it will send the email address from the new subscriber that triggered the Zap. 

Have you tried turning the Zap on and testing it by adding a new subscriber in MailChimp? That would be a great next step 😊