Tracking money coming in and out of accounts

  • 12 January 2023
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What would be the best way to track the expenses in a bank account to produce somekind of cashflow statement. 

The scenario i am thinking of is:

Perhaps a thirdparty app like the ones that show all your bank accounts balances and expenses that are relativley low in securtiy of some kind that tracks money coming into accounts 

Connecting this app to a google sheets perhaps to produce some sort of cashlow forecast

Anyone know how this can be done and what apps to use? 

Thank you. 

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1 reply

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Good question @wisdom seeker

There’s a number of third-party accounting related apps that would be able to connect to your bank and pull in a feed of all it’s transactions. I know apps like QuickBooks and Xero for example have the sort of “bank feed” feature you’re talking about. Often these type of apps will already have cashflow forecasting built in. I’m not sure about Xero but I believe QuickBooks has a built-in cashflow planner.

If you’re looking to use Google Sheets to produce your own forecast you would need to use your chosen app that connects to your bank as the Trigger for your Zaps. Then have a Google sheets action add the information into a spreadsheet that you could then use for creating your forecast. 

For example the following templates could be used to add details of new expenses and payments in QuickBooks into Google Sheets:

If you were wanting a Zap to automatically generate the cashflow forecast in Google Sheets, I don’t think that would be possible. So your best bet may be to use a cashflow forecasting feature that’s built into an accounting app of your choice or use a separate cashflow forecasting app. Like Cash Flow Frog for example.

The best apps to use will really depend on your own needs and preferences. Every app’s features and interface are slightly different and more often than not it will just come down to which app you prefer to use. I’d recommend exploring the apps listed in the Accounting category to see what one will work best for your needs.

Hope that helps to get you started! 🙂