the one change zapier could make to double my zaps

  • 8 October 2020
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For a small team, we have lots of Zaps set up.  Mostly these are by me and many include sending an email (from outlook).

The biggest obstacle to setting more up and for us using some of the existing ones more is that it is such a pain to write the email in html format (in a separate editor) and cut and paste it into the zapier page.  

Imagine if you could just write the email into zapier and format it and it would automatically write the html for you.


If (as with many of my ‘great ideas’ - this is already possible, then please let me know.  If not, this would transform our use and I am sure many who use zapier in a limited way or not at all



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2 replies

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Hi @RussellF!

I assume you’re referring to the Email by Zapier app? Or maybe you’re using something like Gmail and just wish you could have Zapier produce the HTML. Are you envisioning this being something that gets done after the step runs in the Zap (so, something on the backed as opposed to allowing you to modify the HTML) or would you like some sort of magic button in the editor called “convert this to HTML”. Just want to make sure we accurately record what you’ve got in mind for a solution :)

For the record, I think it’s a great idea, because I’ve helped many a user who needs HTML but isn’t familiar with how to create that.

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Hi - It is mainly where I use Outlook as the mailer - but wish I could simply write the email into a form - a little like this one on the forum rather than code the html myself.  

My work around is to use a separate html editor like 

to write an email i write it in the editor - with place holders for merged fields.

then cut and paste the html created into zapier and then create the merged html code - which i need to check (becuase it is too easy to make mistakes - so I cut and paste it from zapier into the editor (into the html and edit in the editor and then cut and paste the html this generates back into Zapier

Hopefully this gives you a flavour of how an in-built html editor would work really well


thanks for looking at it