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Task limit - Typeform Submission to update Mailchimp subscriber

  • 15 June 2021
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I am using the integration ‘Update a Mailchimp subscriber when someone completes your typeform’ with a free plan account in Zapier.

It doesn’t work that well, in Mailchimp I just see some of the contacts are updated, while in typeform there are many more. The contacts are like “held” in Zapier, I attach the screenshot.

Does anyone know the reason? Is each entry a task? Isn’t that weird? 

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Hi @Verónica Casas 

Learn about Zap Tasks:

The Zapier Free plan only comes with 100 Tasks per billing cycle.

Some triggered Zaps are Held because you’ve gone over the allocated Tasks for the current billing cycle.

You’d need to upgrade to a Zapier paid plan to get more Tasks per billing cycle.



Zap runs can have a status of Holding for one of four reasons:

  • High task use: too many (100+) steps were triggered in the Zap run in a single poll. This "flood protection" prevents a significant number of tasks from being automated by mistake. This helps keep your task usage down and prevent tedious work correcting unintended tasks.
  • Reconnect {app name}: the connection to one of the app accounts used in the Zap is no longer active. Reconnect the app account, then replay the held Zap run.
  • Upgrade needed: the account has exceeded its plan limit for tasks or Zaps, or uses a premium app that is not supported by the plan. To replay the held Zap run, upgrade your Zapier plan.
  • Payment issue: the payment information on the account has expired. To replay the held Zap run, update your payment method.