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Task approval worfklow with feedback in Google Sheets

  • 21 September 2020
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Hi there! I’m looking for a solution to automate my company’s workflow, I believe Zapier might help here.
Here’s the flow:

• We have a list of records in Google Sheets. Let’s call those records TASKS.
• Every column is a different attribute of this TASK. Two of many are OWNER and STATUS.
• For each new TASK (manually added), there will be an OWNER assigned manually. Base STATUS is “blank” which means it’s an open TASK.

Now, what I want to do:
• For every new TASK with OWNER, I need Zapier to send an email to the OWNER, asking if he’s accepting the TASK. I need a STATUS change into “Send”.
• This email needs to be as simple as can be, so I need some infos from other columsna and two big buttons: Accept or Decline.
• If OWNER clicks Accept, STATUS changes into “Accepted” (or next column like “Acceptance Status” changes into “Accepted”, if Zapier can't override data)
• If OWNER clicks Decline, STATUS changes into “Declined” (or next column like “Acceptance Status” changes into “Accepted”, if Zapier can’t override data).
• If OWNER does not click anything within the deadline (set in different column), STATUS changes into “Declined” (and maybe clears the OWNER.)


How could I build such a workflow?

I believe it could be:

  1. Trigger → Updated Row
  2. Action → Send mail (STMP?)
  3. …. ? 
  4. Action → Update Row based on the answer from an email?

Maybe there would be two different workflows? I dont’t know. Any ideas anyone?


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Well, I found this:

Basically, the question is if it’s possible to insert those two buttons in this email in order to update the row back in Sheets.



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You’ll need a series of Zaps that work together.

You’ll have to use formulas in GSheets to generate the webhook URL with additional parameters such as the Task ID so that ID can be used in the GSheet Lookup Row step.

NOTE: Zapier will provide the Webhook URLs

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Wow, nice! Sounds good. 

Is it reasonable to 3 different Zaps in one workflow? Will it cause any problems?




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Zaps are only as good as they are configured, so all possible use cases must be considered.