Table Lookup output issue for multiple line items

  • 12 March 2021
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I’m running an issue when setting up a multi-step zap where a Table Lookup output is not giving the expected outcome when I pass in multiple line items.

Here’s the flow I’ve created:

  1. New Google Form response (Trigger)
  2. Text to Line-item formatter converts comma delimited field from Google Form spreadsheet to line items
  3. Lookup Table formatter converts text values from the line items to id numbers, so they can be passed into Pipedrive
  4. Create organization action for Pipedrive, passing the converted line items into a multi-select field

Here are some screenshots that I think will be helpful:

Output of the Google Forms response trigger


Output of the Text to Line-item formatter for the organization services field
Lookup Table showing the mapping from text to ID #
Output of the Lookup Table showing two values, but the second value is blank. I’d expect it to be “10”.


The “Event Planner” value is getting converted to “9” as expected. However, the “Florist” option is resulting in an empty value, when I would expect it to output “10” based on the Lookup Table.


Am I missing something here?

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4 replies

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Hi @dav_net 

The Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table only works with 1 input value, not an array.

TIP: You may have to use the Looping action to loop thru each of the options to check the Lookup Table.



Thanks for the input @Troy Tessalone. After looking into the looping step, I can see how this would be helpful.

The issue with the looper step for my scenario is that all steps after the looper will happen for each item. This results in my Zap creating 1 new org for each service. 

Is there a way to merge the resulting values from each of the loops back into a single value?

The root problem is that I need to be able to capture a multi-select services field from a Google Form, transform the results from a comma separated human readable form to comma separated IDs that can be passed into a custom Pipedrive multi-select field. I know the services name/ID mapping, I just can’t figure out how to convert more than one service at a time for a single zap.

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Look into these apps




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Hey @dav_net!

Were you able to get this Zap to do what you need? If you still need some help with this workflow then the Support Team will be able to dig into this with you to see what’s possible. You can contact them using the Get Help form.