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system to release files when criteria is met

  • 28 April 2021
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My current workflow when I release files to a client has me uploading them to Dropbox.  Those folders are sometimes manually created and  sometimes when I receive a booking (which is handled by zapier: google.forms/sheets/emails/ dropbox/ xero)


Once files are uploaded the client is notified by Dropbox, but I also send an email. 

My problem: "the clients" are not always paying for the work. But I rely on the clients to provide invoicing details.  

I need a system to withhold the files until details have been provided (full name/pH/email)

In the past I built this into a booking system, but this deterred clients from making bookings (really!). So I need a system that will not impede bookings at all. But that when they want the fruits of my labour, they have to jump a small hoop as painlessly as possible.

My first idea was to have them fill out a form, Or drop a contact into dropbox that unlocked the privacy setting on a Dropbox folder, but this is not a zapier action. (Wah!)

I have ADHD. I know from experience that solutions that include things like "make sure you get invoicing deets before uploading" last about 3 jobs.  (These jobs can be quite sporadic too, so it's not like I can make the process habitual).


I use Google apps a lot, my clients use Dropbox so I'd prefer to stay with that. Each job has about 400mb of files so transfers via zapier is probably out.


Any brainwaves? :)

I'm surprised how intractable this seemingly simple thing is!






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Hi @Geth 

My first simple piece of advice would be, try out, they have several ways of sharing media content with aclient.

You can also use a google sheet, where you have both the preview and the final sharing link with an email attached to that row. So whenever a payment is made (you can use stripe, paypal), Zapier will simply send out an email with the final delivery link from the sheet to the client.

Hey thanks for the reply.

Yep I'm aware of whilst it's on my to-do list it's not right for this current workflow.

Yep I'll probably need a Google sheet.  

My current workflow has me uploading the files to the client's Dropbox.  I think I'll have to upload the files to my own Dropbox, then i can use zapier to create a share with the client that (hopefully) will allow them to add the files to their Dropbox.

It's still not super smooth though.  I checked in with Dropbox and it doesn't look like there's a way to put a hold on files, or tweak the privacy settings of a folder automatically.  



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Hey @Geth, hope you’re well, I just wanted to check in here!

Were you able to test out the Google Sheets workflow as a solution here, or can we still help out?

I think the Google Sheet automation triggered by the payment the client made is likely the be the least intrusive solution. I think it would also need the fewest intermediate tasks to complete the process, so you wouldn’t need to remember a bunch of manual steps.

Effectively the zap would trigger when the payment is received, in an app like Stripe or PayPal, then search for the entry in the sheet and send that data out via email. The main thing to sort from there would be automating the data being added to the Google Sheet.

So perhaps a form that the client submits with their email and any details we need from them in the sheet?