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Syncing Hubspot Deal owner with Asana Assignee GID

  • 7 April 2022
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I’m building a workflow between Asana and Hubspot so that when a deal hits a specific property stage, the person who is the Deal Owner will be tasked in Asana and assigned a task.

The issue I’m running into is finding the information to sync the Owner ID with the Asana Assignee GID.  The users of this Zap have both Asana and Hubspot accounts. 

I’ve tried using the action, “Find Contact in HubSpot” however, I’m having trouble finding the Deal Owner ID’s email and then syncing it with Asana.

Any help on how to achieve the objective of assigning a deal owner in Hubspot an Asana task would be much appreciated. 


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Hi @Project Architect 

Good question.

Try one of these Zap actions for HubSpot:


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Thanks for the response!

Here are the roadblocks I’m experiencing with both options presented:

  1. Get Owner by Email 

Which option do I choose for the field, “Get Owner Email (required)?

I tried referencing the Owner ID from the previous step but it came back as a Bargle error. 

Is there a different data field to reference so that the action is dynamic and so the output is the Owner’s email address? 

2. Get Owner by ID

That is one of the questions I’m trying to solve in my original post. How do I sync Owner ID with Asana email? 


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@Project Architect 

If you have the HubSpot Owner ID, then you should be able to use the HubSpot Get Owner By ID to get the email address, that you can then use in a step for Asana Find User.



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That worked!


So in summary, to get the Hubspot Deal Owner to Sync with Asana Assignee, the workflow is:

  1. Get Owner By ID in Hubspot and set Owner ID to Deal Owner​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  2. Find User in Asana and set up action so that it references the Hubspot Data Email field in Get Owner Step. 

Thank you!