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  • 3 December 2020
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I’m trying to to use this for the first time and have run into trouble and can’t find any way to get some support. 

How do communicate with someone from Zapier to help me?

Or I’ll try to explain what I’m doing if anyone can help me here. 

I’ve set up trigger : new purchase (in Kajabii, where I sell online course)

I’m trying to set up action: create new user (in Talent LMS, where my course is hosted)

In the action set up, it has pulled the Talent LMS form and requires me to fill in the fields. Name, email, password… I didn’t know what to put in there so i filled in john doe stuff. with email

I did test action and it created the john doe user in Talent LMS —all the info I filled in the fields on the action set up. 

I clicked retest, and it  said email was already being used. (the jdoe email I entered into the action set up)

I did another test purchase from Kajabi and nothing went to Talent LMS. 

I’m stuck. Don;’t know how to find some help. Articles aren’t cutting it. 


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Zapier Support:

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You need to map data points from the trigger step to the action step.

Check this article:

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Check your Zapier Task History to see if the Zap triggered and the Data IN/OUT for each step or if there was an error:

Wow. This is pretty confusing. I checked the task history ; it say s no tasks have run. On that data points, I guessing that’s where It was a new user form field, and the data to entered was name, email etc. I didn’t know what to put in there. I entered what the same examples the form includes in the LMS when users signn up there directly. What elese would I out in there? When I ran the test it created a new user based on wht i filled in the fields. And now won’t retest because it’s trying to use the same email. Seems like I just manually a specific user in that action set up. I don’;t get it.

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You need to map data points from the trigger step to the action step so that the data points are dynamically populated, not static/hardcoded.

Check this article:



OK, I’m seeing the options to enter the dynamic fields underneath, but they’re attached to the person who just did the test purchase for me in Kajabi. And she didn’t have a last name so it din’t complete the test. I get it that it;s running a test with an identified course purchase; would those fields be generic going forward? And is there a workaround there for her last name not being in there?


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You need to make sure to submit a representative sample so you can use that to configure the Zap and map the necessary data points to the Zap action steps.

The data points from the trigger step will be based on the trigger event and trigger settings in the Zap.