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  • 8 October 2022
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I’m trying to make an automation that downloads the top twitch clips for a day, then posts them to  twitter.
Using  the  URL for the twitch clip from the reddit post only lets you put the URL instead of allowing it to post as an acutal video. I’m wanting the video and title of the post all in one. 

I’m able to just download the video using inspect element, but i cannot find a way for Zapier to find this exact file from the post. 

I found a python script that could download them using twitch’s api, but it wont work on zapier, but it does work nativly. 

Any suggestions on how to get this setup?

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3 replies

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Hi @SkyGuy!

Could I ask if you’re using the Create Tweet action or the Create Image Tweet action? If you’re not already, you need to use the Create Image Tweet action. 

It sounds like the tricky bit is going to be getting the video. When you add an image or video using Create Image Tweet you can use either a file or public url for the file. Could you explain a bit more about where the videos are coming from? It sounds like they’re coming from a Reddit post, is that right? Could I ask which Reddit trigger you’re using? And what do the posts look like?

That’s a lot of questions, I know 😅 The more we know about the format of the url/video the easier it is to hopefully find a solution :) 

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Thank you for your reply. 

Here's what I'm working with.
I am using the tweet new image action. 
I'm only using Reddit to find  the most popular twitch clips from the subreddit r/LiveStreamFail
I am then wanting the automation to pull the video. Using inspect element, I can find and download the video as an mp4 using the public URL for the file. I am wanting to know what trigger or app I can use to get that mp4 and then send it to the rest of the Zap.

I tried a python script, I got it to work locally on my computer, but I cannot figure out how to use it on Zapier, so I'm looking for an alternative to pulling the video. 

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Thanks for the extra detail @SkyGuy

It sounds like you’re choosing the posts yourself, you’re not relying on the subreddit’s ‘hot posts’, is that right?

Does your python script get the file and download it onto your computer? If so, there might be a way to do this using Google Drive (or dropbox, or another cloud storage app that works with Zapier). 

If you add Google drive/another storage app onto your computer so it syncs with the online drive, you could use the Google Drive New File trigger. When your script adds downloads the file to the Google Drive folder, it would trigger a Zap and you could then add the Twitter Create Image tweet action to add that file to the Tweet. 

Would that work for you?